Denture Repair

Finding Quality Denture Repair Services

The only thing worse than breaking your dentures is taking them in to a denture repair service and getting back something that not only does not fit right but hurts your mouth. Unfortunately so many repair services do just that, they simply glue the broken teeth back in or plate back together and leave it at that. The result is a plate that only vaguely resembles the original and hurts every time you bite down.

When you take your broken plate into a denture repair service, you want to know that they are going to be repaired properly. The dentist should look at the way they fit in your mouth and if necessary make any needed adjustments while he has them. When you get your dentures back, they should fit perfectly and have been thoroughly cleaned for you.

When you need top quality dental repair services, contact Millennium Dental and finally get your dentures repaired properly the first time.

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TMJ Treatment

Choosing the Right TMJ Treatment

No one can quite understand the pain that a person with TMJ goes through, unless of course they have been through it themselves. When you are the one suffering the symptoms of this condition, the only thing on your mind is where to find the right TMJ treatment to relive the pain and allow you eat and sleep without being in misery or trying to find a medication that will stop it for at least a little while.

While drugs might relieve the symptoms, they are definitely the not the best TMJ treatment as they are only offer temporary relief. For a more permanent solution, you will need to find a dentist that specializes in this type of dental problem. He will perform a complete examination using the latest s-ray and imaging technology to assess where the real problem is. Only when he is certain of what needs to be done will he make any recommendations to help you get the relief you seek.

For more information about finding the right TMJ treatment, visit us at Millennium Dental and find out what we can do to help you finally be pain free.

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TMJ Symptoms

Tooth Grinding and TMJ Symptoms

One of the more common TMJ symptoms is grinding your teeth. Of all of the symptoms, this is the most destructive as constant grinding will cause wear and tear on your teeth the will eventually destroy your teeth. There are steps your dentist can take to relieve and then eliminate this problem. He will start by performing a complete examination of your teeth and the alignment of your jaw.

Then he will look at all of your TMJ symptoms and determine the best plan of action to help relieve them and then eliminate the cause. For teeth grinding this usually entails using a guard that is placed over the teeth to protect them at night when most people grind their teeth along with an orthodontic alignment device to help bring your jaw back to where it should be. This will eventually stop the grinding and most other TMJ symptoms.

For more information about TMJ symptoms and getting relief, visit Millennium Dental and let us help you find a cure.

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Dental Implants

Are Dental Implants a Good Idea?

In the last few years many dentists have started to use dental implants to replace their patient’s missing and severely damaged teeth. The question many patients are asking is whether or not this is really a good idea. The process involves removing anything that might remain of the old tooth or teeth and then inserting a post into the patient’s jawbone and installing the replacement tooth on the post.

The resulting dental implants are said to be a permanent replacement tooth. The general consensus of opinion is that they are a much better and far more natural appearing replacement for your natural teeth than dentures. As long as your gums and jawbone are healthy enough to accept the implant they are a perfectly acceptable option. You will need to talk to your dentist and let him examine your mouth to make sure the implants will work, before he will even consider implants.

At Millennium Dental we specialize in dental implants and work with our patients to ensure that they have no problem with them from start to finished smile.

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TMJ Dental

Ease the Pain with TMJ Dental Work

For many people the constant headaches, pain in and around their ears and jaw and clicking or popping feeling when opening and closing their mouths can indicate TMJ. Dental services can often be used as a way to treat these conditions as opposed to resorting to surgery. In most cases there is no real indication that any form of surgery is really going to make enough of a difference to warrant its use.

When you talk to a TMJ dental specialist he can examine your mouth and jaw using a variety of methods including x-rays to check for proper alignment. Only by performing this careful inspection can he begin to formulate the proper methods of treatment. In many cases the recommended treatment is likely to be the use of a custom fitted orthodontic device that is worn to help realign the jaw and provide the TMJ pain relief you need.

For more information on TMJ dental intervention, visit us at Millennium Dental and let us show you how we can relieve your pain.

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Dental Implant Dentists

Tips for Finding Dental Implant Dentists

If you are suffering from missing and broken teeth, you will find that there are many dental implants dentists to choose from in your local phone book. The only problem with trying to pick a dentist in this manner is that you have very little to go by, other than what little information is included in the dentist’s advertisement. Do you really think it wise to choose a person who will be operating on your mouth this way?

The reality is that this is probably the worst possible way to search for dental implant dentists; in fact you could easily end up with a dentist that will damage your jaw and make matters worse. You should use the Internet to carefully research any dentist you are considering using. This will give you a chance to see what other patients who have used a particular dentist have to say. Almost like a personal reference, this can help you find the best dentist for your needs.

When you are looking for highly recommended dental implants dentists, you will find the Millennium Dental is considered by many to be one of the best in the business. Contact us and let our staff show what we can do for your smile.

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Dentistry Implants

Get a Beautiful Smile with Dentistry Implants

There are many ways that your dentist can repair and/or replace your broken teeth to give you back your smile. From the times of George Washington and before, the most common way to replace missing teeth has been with sets of broken teeth. Better known as dentures, plates or bridges, they have been very successful if temporary. Today, using dentistry implants, your dentist can give you a permanent replacement smile.

As a form of cosmetic dentistry, implants offer a way to permanently install replacement teeth. These replacement teeth are attached to a pin that has been mounted directly into your jawbone. The implant is permanently attached to the pin and as long as you maintain the appropriate level of dental care, should last for many years. This way you never have to take out your dentures at night or worry about what you are eating and whether it is going to get up under your plates again.

For information about cosmetic dentistry and implants visit us at Millenium Dental and find out what we can do for your smile.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

What is Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When damaged and missing teeth leave you with no alternative but to undergo full mouth reconstruction there are several preparatory steps that must be taken. First your dentist is going to give your teeth, gums and mouth a complete examination including x-rays. Your gums must be healthy before he can start, if they are not he is going to recommend the proper treatment to restore them.

The next phase is checking your bite using the latest computer technology so that if necessary it can be corrected. If this is not done all of the reconstruction work to come is likely to be a waste of time. At this point he will start to plan the final reconstruction planning that will include implants, crowns, caps and veneers as necessary.  Once complete the full mouth reconstruction will give you a beautiful smile you can be proud of and will take away any of the pain you are used to living with.

If you need more information about the full mouth reconstruction process, visit us at Millennium Dental and let us explain the process in full detail.

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Dental Implant Dentist

Choosing the Right Dental Implant Dentist

Finding the right dental implant dentist to take care of replacing your damaged and missing teeth is very important. If you choose the wrong one you could end up with implants that are not done properly or are painful. You can use the Internet as a good way to screen dentists in your area, start by looking for those who have good local customer feedback. Try to focus only on those dentists that specialize in cosmetic dentistry as they will have the most experience.

You should be looking for a dental implant dentist that can prove that they are fully board certified in cosmetic dentistry as this means that they have the appropriate training and have demonstrated their skills. Finally once you have matched dentists to these requirements, you should make an initial appointment to visit the dentist and see if you are going to feel comfortable with them working on your mouth.

Millennium Dental is a full service cosmetic and dental implant dentist. Dr. Eddie Siman is fully board certified and takes great pride in restoring smiles.

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Cosmetic Dental

Cosmetic Dental – Understanding a bit More about Veneers

One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures is the veneer or lumineer, this procedure involves securing a laminate on your tooth to cover up imperfections on your teeth. This procedure can correct chips and cracks, repair a worn surface, remove gaps in the teeth, or eliminate severe tooth discoloring. Lumineers offers a way to complete the process without damaging the teeth unlike traditional veneers that must grind down the tooth enamel so that the laminate will adhere properly.

Insurance most often will not cover the cost of this procedure and it can be expensive, however it is one of the least invasive ways to have a mouth full of beautiful teeth that is semi-permanent and an ideal solution for teeth that are in otherwise good conditions but simply need a cosmetic touch up.

Please visit Millennium Dental if you would like to know more about cosmetic dental procedures.

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