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Imagine a place where your life could be enriched, your dental health improved; all while you experience a stunning transformation. Are you Ready for Millennium Dental Spa?

Feeling pampered and indulged isn't reserved only for the conventional day spa anymore. Now you can experience deep relaxation and comfort at Millennium Dental Spa that you would expect to find at your favorite day spa. From the moment you walk into our outdoor courtyard all your senses will be enlightened and you will notice that this is not your typical dental facility. Our Dental Spa offers a variety of spa amenities to help our guests relax and achieve a sense of wellness. Contact our cosmetic dentistry practice to learn about how Spa dentistry is joining the comforts of a day spa experience with pain free dentistry.

Did you know that nearly 30-40 million dental phobics avoid dental visits each year and almost 50 percent of people in the United States do not regularly visit a dentist? Clearly it is time for a change! Dr. Eddie Siman envisioned a better way to deliver quality, comfortable, and long lasting dental care that incorporates spa services, which provide relaxation, rejuvenation and life changing transformations!

Imagine searching for a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist only to find yourself in a warm, inviting lounge with aromatherapy and the soothing sounds of a waterfall; with five-star service from friendly, knowledgeable staff; being pampered with a soothing facial or reflexology while having an old silver crown replaced with a new, non-metal all porcelain restoration, receiving education on the latest advances in dentistry and oral care, or relaxing in a comfortable memory foam chair while instantly improving your smile with the ZOOM tooth whitening treatment. We use conventional and alternative therapies for the optimum comfort of our guests. Each and every client is welcomed to create their personal environment with individual desires and preferences.

Take an adventure and relax while visiting the cosmetic dentist to the stars, Dr. Eddie Siman who will assist you in ridding your dental phobias good-bye! Please click on these sensational spa services offered at MILLENNIUM DENTAL SPA to learn more.

To learn more about Millenium Dental's spa ammenities, click here.

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